For those who are active in sport or are planning to be, we have various sport bags, regardless of gender and age. Special part in our offer is reserved for the luggage for long and short travels. Luggage is available in single pieces or sets. Read more about this category and traveling advices in the text below. Category “Travel Accessories” offers luggage carts, locks, scales, straps, tags and packing organizers, passport covers, wallets, travel wallets, shoe bags and umbrellas.

We are also offering products by affordable prices and of good quality, as well as the products of famous brands whose name is a guarantee that you will get great product that will last for a long time. You can choose between products for women, men or children, between natural and artificial materials, in one color or patterned. It all depends on your needs and taste.


You decided to go on a business trip, vacation or short trip. The very first thing you need is a suitcase or travel bag, backpack or vanity case where you will pack all the things you will need while you are away from your home. Number of travel bags and personal luggage will depend on the fact whether you are traveling alone or with family and friends. Things that are very important are quality of the travel bag, its dimensions and weight, especially if you are traveling by plane. Travel bags and suitcases can be made of different kind of materials, depending on its purpose.



Variety of our offer is a guarantee that you will find exactly what you need for short or long trip. Products are divided in several categories so you could find what you need faster and easier and by the price that is appropriate for you. The prices are in compliance with quality of the offered product. You can buy single suitcases, travel bags or sets – it all depends on your needs. In case you are traveling by plane, it is very important to know the regulations related to luggage. Every airline company has its own regulations.

Carry on baggage is usually all the luggage whose height dimensions are not more than 22 inches, it is not wider than 14 inches and it is not deeper than 9 inches. Dimensions of carry on baggage are checked by the baggage frame during the registration of the luggage. Don’t forget that airline companies usually have limit of luggage concerning the quantity and weight. Preferably, weight of the luggage should be less than 40lbs; that is how you will avoid additional costs and complications.