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Swiss Gear RFID Protection Passport Cover With Bi-fold Cover to Conceal


Our RFID passport holder protects in 2 ways. All passport cases help protect against the bumps and bangs that come with international travel. Passports are tossed in briefcases, stuffed into pockets, dropped, stepped on, and otherwise accidentally mistreated along the way. Our passport wallet shields your most important travel document from all of these, as well as the growing threat of RFID-based identity theft. Why RFID Protection is important. To secure our borders, all U.S. passports issued since August 2007 include an RFID (radio frequency identification) chip. This e-chip provides fast, easy access to all your vital statistics when scanned by border control. Unfortunately, scammers and identity thieves with the right equipment can hack into your personal data just as quickly. This rugged passport cover—with its special RFID blocking aluminum lining—prevents your passport from being read when closed. A must for today’s long lines at airport check-ins and border crossings. About SwissGear From the maker of the genuine Swiss Army Knife, SwissGear represents the best in travel accessories for people on the move. Our products make it easier and more comfortable to take what you need with you everywhere you go. So, no matter where life’s adventures take you, always go with SwissGear.



About the item:

    – Bi-fold cover conceals and shields your personal information.
    – See-through mesh windows secure passport opened or closed.
    – Protects your passport against physical damage and electronic theft.
    – Tactical-style nylon cover creates a personalized look for your travel documents./ul>

      – Rugged construction, with wipe-clean lining, for years of use.