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totes Blue Line Golf-Size Vented Canopy Compact Umbrella


Golf sized auto vented canopy. It’s compact yet huge. This thing will endure all but the strongest gusts of wind with no problems. Even on the rare occasion that it flips, it has always gone right back into place with no visible or functional damage. It’s very large, so it will work for two people or give full complete coverage to one in most conditions.

It’s plenty big enough to keep you and your backpack covered. The vent really does help in keeping the wind from grabbing the underside of the umbrella, and also makes it easier to manage in the wind, since you’re not fighting your umbrella while trying to hold it at an angle that will protect you from the rain. The telescoping handle makes it compact enough to fit into your shoulderbag. The umbrellas themselves are amazing.



About the item:

    – The canopy opens automatically at the touch of a button
    – Canopy opens to a 56-inch arc
    – Features a contoured handle and carrying bag, making it easy to use and easy to carry
    – It folds to just 20.5 inches
    – Totes umbrella limited lifetime warranty