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Travelon Micro Scale


The days of big, bulky luggage scales are over. At 3 ounces the Micro-Scale is quite possibly the smallest, lightest weight scale on the market place. Weighing a bag in less than 2-3 seconds making it the fastest scale available. Travelon Luggage Scales. Avoid paying unexpected overweight baggage fees! If you love to travel, chances are you’ve run into the issues of having overweight luggage. The only way to avoid it is to have the right luggage scale! Save on overweight luggage fees with this compact and portable luggage scale. Travel electronics are the details that make the difference.

Travel electronics are essential in the rush-rush tech savvy world in today. Not having the right tools can make the difference in having a great travel experience to one where you miss an important flight due to luggage weight issues. To weigh your bag, turn the scale on. Push the start button, and select pounds or kilograms with the mode button. Slip the hook through the top handle of your luggage, and lift! The processor will promptly lock the weight and the red light will illuminate. This luggage scale is only 0.15 lbs and small, making it easy for you to tuck it away in your luggage or carry-on!

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About the item:

    – Weighs to 110 lbs./50 kg
    – On-Off switch and auto shut-off after 60 seconds
    – Small, lightweight, and fast
    – Outdoor Lifestyle
    – Red light illuminates when weight is locked into position
    – Uses 2 x CR2032 batteries (included)