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Travelon Set of 2 Luggage Tags


Bright colorful tags help you identify your bag while only revealing your name. Simply remove the strap and swivel to fill out the card and reveal additional information. Travelon makes travel easier and safer with these easy to identify your luggage tags, without revealing all your information.

Quickly and easily identify your luggage with these highly secure luggage tags. Prying eyes will not be able to see your personal information. Travel easier and safer with privacy luggage tags. With our luggage tags, no one can turn or flip a flap over and see your personal information. Strapped to your bag there is no visibility to the inside information card. Withstands the hardest bumps, scrapes and yanks. Easy to spot, tags are fun and great for the family. Having a luggage tag makes it easier for airlines to contact you, should your luggage go missing.

Bright colors make this tag easy to identify. In a sea of black bags how can which bag is yours and not yours. It’s hard to tell. Millions of travelers lose their luggage, passports and other valuable item simply because they didn’t use a luggage tag. Pop and snap strap. Figuring out how to open the unique pop and snap closure is not obvious to unwanted eyes. For you it is simple! Slip through buckle and snap to close, or pop to open.

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Black, Aqua, Berry, Lime, Neon Yellow

About the item:

    – Remove strap and swivel to reveal address, phone, email
    – 3.5 x 2.5 x .25
    – Only your name is visible
    – Secure strap