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Travelsky 13597z RFID Blocking Passport Wallet


RFID Blocking card wallet prevent your banking card and ID from e-hikers. Now, many passports and ID issued by countries like US, Canada, Germany, UK etc., are embedded with radio frequency identification (RFID) chip. Many credit cards have this RFID chip embedded as well. The chips allow authorities or vendors to scan your ID or cards from a distance and collect you personal data. However, an unauthorized scanner can also steal your personal data without your awareness in the same way. This RFID Blocking Passport Wallet is a shield of your credit cards and passport from being scanned and is the best solution for your protection!



About the item:

    – Faux leather outside and RFID blocking materials inside, for travel and daily use: holds one passport, 5 credit cards /ID.
    – Shields ISO 14443/15693 and EPC Gen1/Gen2 contactless smart cards and RFID tags.
    – Provide protection for credit cards, debit cards, subway cards, enhanced drivers licenses, US Permanent Resident cards, Transportation Workers Identification Credential cards, etc.
    – Manufacture standard: FIPS 201 US Electromagnetically Opaque Shield requirements.