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Travelon Multi-Bag Stacker


When you have more suitcases than hands, you need the Multi-Bag mover from Travelon. This ingenious strap is designed so can move up to 4 bags with one hand. Simply attach the 3 hooks to the top handles of 3 rolling bags, attach a tote or briefcase to the front bag’s add-a-bag strap, tip the back bag onto its rear wheels and off you go. The bags are balanced and virtually weightless. Now give yourself a hand – you deserve it!

Travelon has been making travel easier for nearly 30 years with fashionable, functional products that are designed and built to last.

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About the item:

    – Attaches and detaches easily
    – Comfortably pull up to 4 suitcases with one hand
    – Easy to maneuver